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Ten Days National Workshop

Ten Days National Workshop

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Vedic Mathematics introduces the wonderful applications to Arithmetical computations, theory of numbers, compound multiplications, algebraic operations, factorizations, simple quadratic and higher order equations, simultaneous quadratic equations, partial fractions, calculus, squaring,cubing, square root, cube root and coordinate
geometry etc. “Vedic Mathematics” is a system of reasoning and mathematical working based on ancient Indian teachings called Veda. The basis of Vedic mathematics, are the 16 sutras, which attribute a set of qualities to a number or a group of numbers. The ancient Hindu scientists (Rishis) of Bharat in 16 Sutras (Phrases) and 120 words
laid down simple steps for solving all mathematical problems in easy to follow 2 or 3 steps. The international conference on Vedic Mathematics was organized on 22.12.2019-24.12.2019, where eminent academicians, active
researchers, practitioners and professionals of various fields shared their expertise in Vedic Mathematics and its application in modern field of knowledge like artificial intelligence, 3 D animations etc. Jagatguru, Shankracharya Swami Sri Nischalananda Saraswati ji Maharaj was the chief guest of the conference. In this workshop the experts of Vedic Mathematics will teach the concepts of Vedic Mathematics and its applications in Arithmetic, Algebra and
Geometry as a Foundation Course in Vedic Mathematics. Objective of the Workshop:
To understand and comprehend the basic ideas, principles, methods and algorithms using some sutras of Vedic ganita(Mathematics).
To understand some glorious facts from history of Bharatiya ganita.

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31-08-21 @ 02:00 PM to
09-09-21 @ 04:00 PM

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