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Faculty Of Information And Technology

The Faculty of Physical Sciences is one of the leading faculties of the Chaudhary Bansi Lal University, Bhiwani in terms of teaching and research in Physical Sciences. Five reputed departments are covered under the Faculty namely Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Mathematics, Department of Information and Communication Technology, and Department of Geography. Academic staffs are highly qualified and many are nationally and internationally acknowledged for their contribution to the field of their interest. The faculty integrates knowledge, research and real world experience to offer comprehensive learning and research. The pedagogy of different departments under the faculty includes classroom learning, learning through projects and interactions with different renowned resource persons from other university. Our educational programmes offer a solid foundation of scientific education, and promise a hands-on learning experience. Students are encouraged to organize and participate in conferences and various student-driven activities organized in campus as well as in other leading institutions. All the departments under the Faculty have state of the art facilities.

Welcome and warm greetings!

It is with great honor and pleasure that I extend best wishes to you all on behalf of the entire faculty. The faculty is committed to promote good academics and research in the university. At different departments of the faculty, students learn from the faculty members who are educated in renowned educational institutions and carry extensive knowledge both of real world and academics. Our faculty members are excellent in teaching and research, and regularly publish in top academic journals. They bring innovation and diversity to the classroom, which helps us deliver memorable learning experiences to students. In addition to this, students also get chance to interact with specialists and alumni, who help broaden their understanding about various concepts through their own experiences.I assure to our students and parents that they will learn many new things and add several new dimensions in his/her academic life while studying in the university.

Prof. Dinesh Kumar Madan



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