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University Ordinances

Sr. No.Name of OrdinanceImplemented from the session
1.Ordinance of Bachelor of Science Honors (B.Sc. Honors.) (Under CBCS)2021-2022
2.Ordinance of Under Graduate Three Years (Six Semesters) Courses (U.G.) (Under CBCS)2021-2022
3.Ordinance of Master of Physical Education and Sports (MPES) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
4.Ordinance of Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharma) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
5.Ordinance of Master of Science (M.Sc.) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
6.Ordinance of Commerce (M.Com.) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
7.Ordinance of Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharma.) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
8.Ordinance of Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master in Social Work (MSW) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
9.Ordinance of Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
10.Ordinance of 05 Years Integrated M.Sc. Programme (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) (Under CBCS)2020-2021
11.Ordinance of P.G. Diploma in Yoga2020-2021
12.Ordinance of P.G. Diploma in Gym and Aerobics2020-2021
13.Ordinance of Certificate Course in Vedic Mathematics2020-2021
14.Ordinance of P.G. Diploma in Geo-informatics2020-2021
15.Ordinance of P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications(PGDCA)2020-2021
16.Ordinance of Certificate course in Music2020-2021
17.Ordinance of Certificate course in Dance2020-2021
18.Revised Ph.D. Ordinance (updated on 12-09-2019)  
19.Ordinance CBCS revised 26-04-2019 2015-2016
20.Ordinance for BA LLB (Hons.) 5 Years 2021-2022
21.Ordinance for LLB (Hons.) 3 Years 2021-2022
22.Ordinance for PG Diploma in Naturopathy, Yoga and Blissful Life 2021-2022
23.Ordinance of B.Sc. Actuarial Science2021-2022
24.Ordinance of Advance PG Diploma in Guidance and counseling2021-2022
25.Ordinance of B.Ed. Special Education2021-2022
26.Ordinance of M.Ed.2021-2022
27.Ordinance of M.Ed. Special2021-2022
28.Ordinance of B.Ed.2021-2022
29.Ordinance of Digital Marketing2021-2022
30.Revised ordinance of LLM2020-2021
31.Revised Ordinance of MPES2021-2022
32.Revised Ordinance of MSW2021-2022
33.Ordinance of M.A. Rural Development 2021-2022
34.Ordinance of PG Diploma in Public Health2021-2022
35.Ordinance of B.Pharma2021-2022
36.Ordinance of M.Pharma2021-2022

Ordinance of Hobby Club

Revised Ordinance of Hobby Club

38.Ordinance of D.P.Ed.2019-2020
39.Ordinance of M.Sc Yoga2022-23
40.Ordinance of Shastri Course2022-23
41.Ordinance of UG Diploma in Dance Music2022-2023
42.Ordinance of Dual Degree B.Sc. (Hons.) (Mathematics)-M.Sc. (Mathematics)2022-2023
43.Revised Ordinance M.Sc. Yoga2022-2023
44.Ordinance of Convocation, (session 2022-23) 2022-2023
45.Ordinance of MPES 
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