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About the Centre

The aim of Centre for Monitoring Hobby classes to turn Passion into Profession. University presently offers eleven hobby clubs for students. These clubs include Gardening and Landscaping Club, Performing Art Club, Fine Arts Club,  Literary Club,  Photography club, Sports and Fitness Club,  Media Club,  Outreach Club, Culinary Arts, Entrepreneurship Club and IT Club, Students can opt for any hobby club of their choice. Hobby Clubs enable the students and staff to relax and do something they enjoy. These Hobby classes are like small breaks in between stress-filled and hectic academic life. Hobbies helps in all round development of the studies and are also capable of teaching things that the four walls of the classroom cannot.


Aims and Objectives


Turning passion into profession

Hobby clubs are one platform to showcase the passion of students towards meaningful objectives. Hobby clubs provide a groundwork and early skills to change that passion into profession for the students.



Students enjoy attending hobby clubs as they are out of routine enjoyments activities for them. Hobby classes held at weekends and students look forward to them as small breaks in between stress-filled and hectic academic life


Exploring Hidden Talents

The exploration of hidden talents happens through hobby classes. Every person is born with a unique set of skills and abilities. But it is unfortunate that often they are not explored due to the set monotonous regular routines. So when a student joins a hobby class for some activity for which he has a natural inclination, he will not only enjoy but may excels in it.

Chance for Physical Activity

As most of the hobby clubs involve physical activity, be it any sport, dancing, gardening, fine arts. Along with it, most of the hobbies require mental activity and alertness. These are the very factors that ensure the mental evolvement and development of the students.

Time for Discovery

Hobbies are opportunities for the students to discover their hidden talents. Students opt for hobby clubs for which they have a natural inclination leading to exploration of hidden talent in that activity.

Let Out the Imagination and Creativity

Free flow of imagination is very important from the developmental perspective. Students are given that chance in hobby clubs where they give expression to their creative soul. It helps them express their thoughts and feelings in a better manner and also become honest and receptive individual free from narrow environmental vices and prejudices.



Names and Brief Summery of Different Hobby Clubs

1. Gardening and Landscaping

The purpose of the Gardening and Landscaping Club is to promote the love of gardening, enrich the lives of students, and increase awareness of ecology, botany, outdoor recreation and conservation of native flowers, shrubs and trees. The club provides the students opportunity for enjoyment while performing various activities in the club and to collect the information regarding horticulture practices. This hobby club is activity oriented.

  1. Performing Art Club

The purpose of the Performing Art Club is to make all round development of students. Through this club, students increase their confidence and expose them to different types of arts. Through the medium of this club, the quality of leadership comes to the student. Here, in particular, mime, drama and art are connected in many ways.

    1. Fine Art Club
      The objective of the Fine Art Club is to develop hidden skills among the students. The club currently has students from more than a dozen departments. Under this club, different works such as poster making, cartooning, clay modelling, mehndi, installation, on the spot painting, letter designing and rangoli etc. are done. From time to time, the Fine Art Club not only organizes competitions keeping in mind the interest of the students, but is also informing the students about the fine arts related to the students.


Getting involved in a IT Club is a great way to enrich the student’s skills. IT Club provide opportunities to the students to learn about the new technologies, meet new people, share interests, develop skills, and get involved in life on campus. IT Club explore different areas of interest. IT Club focuses on extracting the hidden talent of the students in the field of Information Technology. Club works to improve and enhance the technical skill set of the students by collaborating the club with leading current Software. Club works to create a social environment where students with various technology experiences come together and share information with one another. Club provides technology resources for less fortunate individuals in the form of charitable giving and volunteerism.

Driven by the challenges of IT awareness, it becomes inevitable for the students to opt for a stream which unfolds myriad career opportunities. IT is one such field in the Club that paves way for a shining future. In this Club we focus on making the students independent in handling IT equipment by giving them hands on experience of Digital Art, Desktop Publishing and Multimedia Presentations and then they contribute to the various school activities and events. Students of IT club work in collaboration with Publication and Photography Clubs and prepare various publications, newsletters and news bulletins of the school time to time. The school organizes various Inter House competitions like Brochure Designing, Ad making, Movie Making, Power Point presentations etc. to encourage and explore the talent of the students.

Undoubtedly, IT Club is a stream, which can change one’s destiny in a positive way. IT Club can be said as a pot of chances that give one or many opportunities to reach top in the life of students. The main specialty of this Club is that one can reach his/her success by just having some qualities like creativity, willpower to learn new things, ability to withstand any situations and confidence. There is no dearth of job options for the qualified students in this stream. However, one has to accept the fact that the calibre of the students plays a key role in the success of their career. Additionally, anyone having qualities like good communication skills, curiosity to come up with new ideas and passion to improve their knowledge in the IT Club can expect the best things in their career also. Students from all across the globe are welcome here to study and make a thriving career.

These positive aspects should provide enough motivation for the students to join a IT Hobby Club in University and college also.

5. Literary Club

Literary Club was started with a vision to satisfy and enhance the budding artists in students. Literary Club serves multiple purposes at the same time while it is bringing out artists among students on one hand and working on language on the other. Drama, poetry, story writting, debate, group discussion etc. are various fields on which club is working.

6. Photography club

Photography club is an amateur club which is committed to promote photography skills among young generation.  A world without photography is hard to imagine; photography is a beautiful way to express one’s art and feelings.  This photography needs passion and required lot of maturity like golden ager and child like curiosity. Indeed, photography is an art and science. The aim of the club is to nurture the talent among students to see the things differently.  The club ethos is to provide a platform where the like- minded students to enjoy, share and advance their photographic skills and explore the beauty of the world. The club is also dedicated towards the community by providing pictorial record of the community.

7. Sports and Fitness Club

The purpose of the Sports and Fitness club is to make all round development of students. As a result, the students have to retrieved the hidden talent and make the students physically, mentally and socially healthy. This club includes many physical and recreational activities.

8. Entrepreneurship Club


Talking about the entrepreneurial skills of the students, we have to develop a lot on this behalf so as to promote entrepreneurship in India and to generate the employment that adds to the GDP of the country. We are focused on creating the “Job Givers” rather than producing the “Job Seekers”. Entrepreneurship club will help the students to set up their minds to enter in the field of entrepreneurship. It will help them to carry out the functions easily to start a venture by checking out the feasibility in the market about the plan. This hobby club will not only help the students but will help the economy as well if executed with best efforts.

The objectives of the club include to get an insight about Entrepreneurship, to get an insight about feasible start-ups available in current Business Environment, to make students compatible to start their own Start-up and to enhance the skills of students for setting up new venture.

9. Media Club

This is the first initiative taken up by Chaudhary Bansi Lal University to show case the inner talent and creativity of the students throw a Hobby club and Media club is one of them.

 Media Club provides an opportunity to step out of the academic sphere and join the rush of the real world.  The Media Club of CBLU aims at nurturing the creative and innovative skills of the students. Not just confined to pen and paper work, it inculcates the knowledge and artistry that is needed in working on digital media, which has emerged as the necessity of the rapidly changing world. The students are given their own space so that their ideas and cogitations don’t get subdued. Importance of teamwork and leadership gets highly absorbed in the members when they work together. Simply it can be said that media club is a step towards media literacy.

10. Outreach Club


Youth is the future of society and has the power to change it. This club strives for social impact, generating positive change in the society in which we live. Students will regularly participate in activities that will create a better society. This group will organize events to improve our society. It will provide hands-on experience, dealing with people, participants and raising socially sensitive youth. It will also address the main issues of national and international importance to keep students informed. Its aim to help the village or communities to transform themselves through programmes like literacy, health promotion, women empowerment, environment conservation, youth clubs and reduction of dropouts in schools.

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