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Aryabhatta Incubation Centre (AIC):

Brief Introduction of the Incubation Centre

Aryabhatta Incubation Centre (AIC) has been established with an aim to provide facilities to the students, nurturing them to establish start-up businesses during their early months or years of growth. It motivates students to contribute to the society with innovative and entrepreneurial programmes thereby become ‘wealth creators’ generating employment, while addressing social issues.It aims to be the hub of innovative and high impact ventures in social, educational, commercial and other domains. It sets to bring forth a revolution in ‘how and what’ students learn and achieve while in the university.

AIC has been allotted with a dedicated space of more than 2500 sq. ft. having all the supportive infrastructure like high speed internet enabled computer facilities, discussion and brainstorming zones, conference hall with conference facilities, guest interactive zone etc.

Further, this collaborative program helps new start-ups to succeed. It believes that an entrepreneur not only serves as an enabler for the social and economic growth but creates employment for others also. Thus the centre promotes the following:


  • Enable students get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship;
  • Promote innovation driven activities at the University
  • Fostering social entrepreneurship
  • Provide comprehensive and integrated range of support including Counseling, mentoring, training programs, networking and an array of other benefits.
  • Generate self-employment and create employment with societal upliftment.


It further seeks to support its students translate innovation into products, processes and services that are commercially and socially viable. Objectives:

a.) Promoting Entrepreneurship,

b.) Enabling Business Planning,

c.) Industry Startup Interfacing,

d.) Supportive Infrastructure,

e.) Social Relevance


The enactment and funding: Under guidance of the University Act (Haryana act No. 25 of 2014) of CBLU, clause 6 (XXXIV) page 5, the Aryabhatta Incubation Centre at the Chaudhary Bansi Lal University, Bhiwani. A dedicated corpus of ` 30 lakh was provided by the Department of Information Technology Electronics & Communication, Haryana (DITECH), under the Start-up Haryana initiative.

Student Interest: Already, 53 students have exhibited interest for building up their start-up ideas in the incubation centre. Besides ‘counseling sessions’ are being organized at the department level to motivate the students towards entrepreneurship. Bio technology, waste management, new product development, technologically promoting handicraft and local products etc. have been preferred areas of start-ups by the students.

Entrepreneurship:  A way to Self-Employment

Be it war, epidemic or any adversity, the principal of Self-Reliance remains unmatched and indispensable. Just as the self-confidence and believing in oneself is the reason of his success, similarly the self-reliance and self-Employment is the basis of growth and development of any country. In the direction of achieving a self-reliant India, the way of Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan has to followed. The rock that makes this campaign solid is the youth of the country and the eternal potential inherent in youth. This eternal potential is called – “Yuvashakti”

Keeping this reality as its aim, Chaudhary Bansi Lal University, Bhiwani has continuously conducted successful experiments to encourage women entrepreneurship in Haryana, with its prime focus on Districts Bhiwani & Dadri. Efforts whether small or big, are the basis of success. With this mindset, CBLU has made tireless efforts to develop entrepreneurial inclinations among the youth and to develop their inner potential.  The efforts of CBLU are based on developing the power of women entrepreneurship, adopting the principles of Co-operatives, and promoting Self-Employment to become an active part of the solution of the creeping problem of Unemployment.

Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan laid down a function where Political system, Academic System and Societal system of the economy work in harmony with each other for the larger good of achieving full employment level in the Indian economic system. Following which, CBLU has taken various steps to contribute in this program of nation building and motivate students to find their paths towards Self-Employment.

Self-Employment is an idea of an individual identifying its skill and matching it with the possible employment avenues to establish a functioning entrepreneurial unit. The concept not only transforms one from “Job-Seeker” to “Job-Provider” but also enables the young minds to generate employment for others. Self-employment can be best attained through entrepreneurship and indulging in activities offering a permanent source of income as well as employment generation.  Entrepreneurship has enabled individuals to satisfy their innovative hunger and take leaps towards fulfilling their self-actualization desires. Self-Employment through entrepreneurship does not necessarily require any educational, gender or age qualification and hence is more inclusive than the concept of getting a job for oneself. Although, the significance of educational qualifications and skill development can not be overlooked and it definitely enhances individual’s entrepreneurial skills as well.


Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

Mother power is the basis of dynamism of the whole world, from the kitchen of the house to the height of the skies, the contribution of mother power in every field is beyond imagination. The immense intensity of the mother power, from the ancient times has been recognized in the Indian Culture.Today women are leaving their indelible mark in every field, from the creation of the universe to the roar of the rifle, the role of women is commendable and reliable. This is called – “Matrshakti”

Chaudhary Bansi Lal University recognised the importance of “Women Entrepreneurship” and started working in this direction with meticulous efforts, the first step of which was the mindset change. Changing the mindset is indisputably a very challenging task but it is also the most effective and necessary step in the direction of Self-Employment. With this goal at prime, the university tried to recognize the Women Entrepreneurs in Bhiwani and Charkhi Dadri districts. The areas are prosperous in terms of Sex-Ratio, so it was incumbent to spread awareness among Women and give them a platform where they can express their views, stories, obstacles, and achievements.

An effort was made to give a new dimension to handicrafts and skills, to recognize the small but original efforts of these women entrepreneurs. CBLU, gave them a platform, so that they can transfer their talent to the coming generation and motivate the youth. Whether sewing, embroidering, making jute bags, making Ayurvedic products, doing agriculture and horticulture, digital marketing, making livelihood accessible by generating income through small and cottage industries, becoming prosperous in the field of education, women entrepreneurship so that they can become a part of the demographic dividend. By developing this chain of thought, Chaudhary Bansi Lal University is encouraging women entrepreneurs and Self-Help Groups of the region. The possibility of the change and the its effect was proven by the collective efforts.

The element of specialization with Women Entrepreneurs, is that they take care of the Family, as well as their enterprises, this ensures women’s participation in employment generation. Even if the women entrepreneurs, are not very well-versed academically their skills, will power and perseverance helps them succeed. This also bears a light of motivation to young minds, by providing them a platform in the district Bhiwani and Dadri. These efforts will prove to be decisive in creating new dimensions of self-reliance along with welfare.


One of the biggest challenges faced by the budding entrepreneurs is finding the correct market for their products and services. To facilitate the market identification for students as well as vendors of the region, a website named “CBLU e-Mart” has been developed and is under constant upgradation. For this first the products were identified that could be displayed and sold on the e-Mart. This enabled small entrepreneurs, students engaged in small production activities like handicrafts etc with a platform to display their products and through this the right customer can reach the right seller.

Thus, CBLU e-Mart is another innovative initiative of the university following the paths lead by the principles of Swavalambi and Aatmanirbharta. Its is a web-based portal for display of the products manufactured and services provided by the students and entrepreneurs of the region. The portal is open to all the students who are engaged production of any goods and services, women entrepreneurs of the region, manufacturers and traders belonging to MSMEs, Self Help Groups who produce any products etc. e-Mart facilitates as a linkage between the sellers and buyers of the region. Products are displayed in high quality images with details about the seller or vendor who offer these products. A description is given for better understanding of the products available. Citizens of Bhiwani and Dadri are the participants of the CBLU e-Mart initiative, the facebook page of the CBLU e-Mart is also accessible for the public.

Products available on CBLU e-Mart

Home-Made Products

Home-made products include Jams, Squashes, pickle, Sharbet, Candy, Chutney, Chips, Cheese etc.


Bakery Products

Cookies, Bajra Biscuits, Jawar Biscuits, Jaggery Baked goods, Honey baked goods, Dry cakes, fruit cakes etc are offered under bakery section.


Knitting & Stitching Products

Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, thaalpros etc. techniques are used to manufacture products under it. Custom fir outfits can also be ordered from this section


Handicraft Products

Paintings, Flower Jewellery, Banderwal, Candle holders, Wall Hangings, Customised Greeting cards etc are available for sale.



Details of the artists offering mehandi and makeup services are displayed on the web portal along with some sample displays. Interested people can book the appointments with artists. Interested instructors have registered themselves as coaches for yoga and self-defence training sessions and full-length courses.


Link to the CBLU e-Mart

Following link can be used to access the CBLU e-Mart. Display of products is the purpose of the CBLU e-Mart.

Aims & Objectives

  • Boost up marketing and promotion for Local businesses
  • Promotional Support to the budding entrepreneurs and students engaged in such activities.
  • Provide a virtual platform under which buyer and seller are one click away.
  • This initiative leaves aside the hassle of physically meeting.
  • Provide the part time as well as full time business opportunities under e-roof.
  • Provide an easy yet solid source of income to students, who want to study but are unable to bear the financial burden.
  • No storage space is required therefore, no maintenance charges.
  • Availability of e-catalogue
  • Emphasis will be on food & beverages good for health.
  • Brand name may be of seller’s product can and are going to use the “CBLU e-Mart Tag”
  • Focus on Local made and Swadeshi product

Highlights of achievements of the Incubation Centre:

List & Brief Details of Events/Workshops Programs conducted as part of the Employment Support Centre




No. of Participants




Ideation session at the Deptt. of Management


MBA students of Management Deptt.



Ideation session at the Deptt. of Commerce


M.Com, 1st & 2nd Year



Ideation session at the Deptt. of Bio-Technology


M.Sc students of Bio-Tech Deptt.



Ideation session at the Deptt. of Chemistry


M.Sc students of Chemistry Deptt.



Ideation session at the Deptt. of English


(Online) Students of English Deptt.



Idea generation Competition “Catapult”


(Online)- Students of Management, Commerce, Chemistry & other Depts.



One-day online conference on the role of IP in Innovation management


PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry



Online workshop on “Public Grievances Redressal System, Right to Service Act, the Services Notified there under & Good Governance”


Sh. M.K. Midha, IAS (Retd.), Consultant, Sevottam Cell, HIPA, Gurugram



One-day workshop on the future of Innovation led start-ups in India


Prof. A.K. Gupta (IIM Ahmedabad), NIF, Dr. S. Vyas, FII, Sh. Balwan Singh



Innovation Awareness (Online)


Prof. (Dr.) Raj Kumar Singh, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi



Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship


Prof. R.K Mittal (Vice Chancellor) interaction with 30 women entrepreneurs of Bhiwani



A Workshop on Innovation & Career Opportunities in the Banking & Finance Industry


Sh. Gagan Chhabra of Tata Motors, Mumbai, Dr. Himesh of Skill Labs Chandigarh & Dr. Lata Rani of DSEU, Delhi



Industrial meet with 30 businesses, MSME and Start-ups of Bhiwani


Prof. R.K Mittal (Vice Chancellor), MSME education, Bhiwani, MSME, Rohtak



MoU with Skill Labs, Chandigarh for Skill Development


Prof. R.K Mittal (Vice Chancellor)



Workshop on ‘Role of Women Entrepreneurs’





Managing Business in Uncertain Times and Understanding Financial Assistance Schemes


DGM SIDBI. Skill Labs and BTM, Bhiwani


Photographs of the Incubator Centre covering the glimpses of Infrastructure/facilities available:

Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Nodel officer

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