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Vice Chancellor's Message

I welcome all students to our newly established University and promise them a vibrant academic environment so as to cultivate and fine-tune their potential. I believe in new beginnings because of my incorrigible optimistic nature. Hence I have unflinching faith in meaningful existence of Universities as they are the foundation stones for tomorrow. Since birth, I have witnessed history being made and unmade in this region. It is, therefore, expected that this budding University CBLU would extend the frontier of history by becoming the centre of excellence. It would constantly register its presence in unchartered areas. However, any new University has to accept many challenges in order to be capable of participating in astounding growth in the sectors of contemporary higher education.

The University now proposes to venture into some professional job-oriented, yet, unconventional fields by introducing courses like Sports Management, Public Health and Sports Science. The synergy of the youth and the experience of the old combine here into a force with the help of which the University dreams of creating a niche for itself in the world of knowledge.

The University has launched an ambitious programme of revising and updating the syllabi of various teaching programmes based on Choice Based Credit System and plans to take an inter-disciplinary approach in order to equip its students for future challenges.

We have started our visioning process from an “Outside-in” view of what our State, Nation and World need, reflecting on the very real opportunities for our students, staff and partners to serve the public good. We dedicate ourselves to being the engine of innovation, upward social mobility and individual and collective prosperity to push forward assertively to strengthen the diverse urban & rural institutions and will leave no stone unturned to impact educational opportunities.

People make a University great, so whether you are prospective student, current student, professor, researcher, staff member, graduate, parent, neighbour or visitor, your interest and enthusiasm are valued and appreciated. I am sure that Ch. Bansi Lal University will succeed so that they may gradually evolve into competent persons to serve the Society and Nation.

I convey this message with the hope that you all have a comfortable and intellectually stimulating stay in the University.

(S.K. Gakhar)

Last modified: 16 January 2018.